GHANA: Girls Empowerment Program and Extension

NJ PCV Jasmine Miller

Funding: $500

The girls club would meet once a week at the local school and provide a safe environment for girls to learn about themselves, build self-confidence and gain leadership skills.


BENIN: Constructing Safe Classrooms

NJ PCV Maxwell Lieblich

Funding: $500  

The funds would be used to build classrooms in a village school that serves 18 forms (grades), 828 students and 80 teachers.  The middle/high school serves multiple villages.



Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation

Funding: $1,000

In 2014, a bipartisan Act of Congress authorized the Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation (PCCF) to build a commemorative work in the heart of Washington, DC, to recognize the historic significance of the establishment of the Peace Corps in 1961 and to honor the timeless, enduring American ideals on which the Peace Corps was founded.  


LESOTHO: Support for Secondary School Students


Funding: $350  


SENEGAL: Mentoring Successful Scholars


Funding: $500


PERU: Developing Women Entrepreneurs


Funding: $500    


MOROCCO: Digital Library and Computer Project

NJ PCV Raashnie Gopalrai

Funding: $600    

The project aims to augment the Library Project at the local school in Essaouira, Morocco by supplying the school with more computers. The middle-high school has about 900 students from ages 10-18 years old. The vision of our Computer Project is to expand and enhance the existing technology curriculum within our school by increasing the amount of available, functioning computers per student and to install these computers with updated, educational programs. Donations will go to purchasing approx. 15 more computers.


ORAL HISTORY ARCHIVAL PROJECT- Phyllis Noble Memorial Oral History Fund:  

Digitization of original interviews recorded on cassette

NPCA Affiliate Group

Funding: $500  

In the oral history project, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers interview other Volunteers about their Peace Corps experiences. Volunteer interviewers cover all costs incurred, including supplies, procuring appropriate equipment and travel expenses to conduct interviews.

Recordings are archived in the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, a unit of the National Archives and Records Administration.  

Donations to the Phyllis Noble Memorial Oral History Fund, established in 2017, will cover costs of digitizing the 520 interviews recorded on audiocassette tapes from 1999 to 2015 (total cost estimated at $30,000). After these recordings are digitized and go online, the Fund will be used to promote and expand the RPCV Oral History Project.  



RPCV Alana DeJoseph, Director

Funded: $250(See $250 donation from 2018 for total of $500 combined).  Additional donation made in response to email fundraising campaign dated 5/18/19.

The Peace Corps documentary “A Towering Task” endeavors to be the first comprehensive documentary about the Peace Corps and will look back at the history of the agency, its leaders, and current state through interviews both in the US and internationally. The title of the film comes from John F. Kennedys state of the union address where the stated: “The problems are towering and unprecedented – and the response must be towering and unprecedented as well.”    


ECUADOR: Building Community Through Reading

NJ PCV Patricia Healey

Funding: $500

This project addresses the need in the community for a permanent location for children and parents, separately and together, that operates 24/7 in a more densely populated, centrally located area of the town. The operation of a new space will allow the organization to continue the programs already in existence and substantially expand the reach; programs such as Children’s Literacy, Rainbow Days, Escuela Para Padres, family meetings, Gender Clubs, music and theater. The first objective is to provide a safe, accessible, permanent location where all the current programs can continue. The second objective is to expand the reach and scope of the organization in order to provide more children, their parents and other community members with opportunities for youth and community development. By having a permanent space, many activities can be scheduled on the weekends or later in the evening when more parents and community members are available. The final objective is to train the adults of the community more fully in the areas the children are learning during the day. This would include themes such as self-esteem, teamwork, communication, gender roles, leadership, and planning.


BENIN: Leadership Through Food Security Camp

NJ PCV Daniel Greenberg

Funding: $500

As the economy of Benin is largely based on agriculture, it is extremely pertinent for students to learn about best environmental and agricultural practices. The Leadership through Food Security Camp will be held over 6 days in June 2019. This camp aims to bring together students from all areas of Benin and train them on a variety of topics related to leadership, gender equality and food security. They will serve to inspire the students and can provide guidance so that the students can address food security in their own village, as well as showcasing female financial independence.


ZAMBIA:  Youth Development Program    

NJ PCV S. Adiabu

Funding: $500

The Youth Development Program consists of the renovation of the current resource center which will serve to aid in the education gap and promote healthy activities such as books, games and community led clubs to engage adolescents. Along with the rehabilitation of the Resource center, a maternity Shelter will be built in order to mitigate mother mortality rates in this region. The main goal of this project is to increase capacity in the target population by increasing the amount of students continuing school and decreasing the mortality rates of underage mothers.

This project did not take place and RPCVNJ is working to determine what happened to the donated funds.


MORROCO: Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) & Boys Respecting Others (BRO) Camp

NJ PCV Margaret Blackburn

Funding: $500

Camp to be held in a small village in the southern Tata Province of Morocco. Throughout Morocco, harassment and gender inequality are challenges for youth and the importance of gender, empowerment, and equality work is important in Moroccan communities. Worldwide Peace Corps Volunteers are using the GLOW and BRO curriculums to help youth in their communicates improve their self esteem, leadership skills, goal setting, and learning about health relationships. The main goal of this camp is to help improve the participants’ behaviors and to help them learn new ways they can communicate and interact respectfully.  



NJ RPCV Tom Johnson (Sierra Leone 1989-91)

Funded: $600

In 2003 NJ RPCV Tom Johnson founded Africa Surgery, a non-profit organization providing health care and surgical services to needy people in Sierra Leone. For about 5 months a year Tom lives there working with international and local medical programs and facilities that provide diagnoses and treatment on a wide range of issues. When not there, he coordinates activities from Morristown, NJ, with help from some in-country assistants, including Mohamed Mansuray in Freetown and Foday Tarawalie in Makeni.



NJ RPCV Tom Johnson

Funded raised through RPCVNJ Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign: $2154.50

Tom Johnson has been continuing his service to Sierra Leone where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Through the non-profit organization, Africa Surgery, Inc. (ASI) that Tom established, he works to make free medical care and surgical treatments available and to provide supplies to doctors and material support to needy people in Sierra Leonean. The funds raised were used for surgery for Frances Kabba a young child to remove a benign growth in her jaw.  



RPCV Alana DeJoseph, Director

Funded: $250

The Peace Corps documentary “A Towering Task” endeavors to be the first comprehensive documentary about the Peace Corps and will look back at the history of the agency, its leaders, and current state through interviews both in the US and internationally. The title of the film comes from John F. Kennedy's state of the union address where the stated: “The problems are towering and unprecedented – and the response must be towering and unprecedented as well.”


THAILAND: The GLOW/BROS (Girls Lead Our World/Boys Respecting Others and Self)

NJ PCV: Pablo Doster

Funded: $500

The GLOW/BROS (Girls Lead Our World/Boys Respecting Others and Self) camp is a product of two years of work between the Peace Corps Volunteer, the Sub-Administrative Organization (SAO), and two community schools in the Prachinburi province in Thailand in an effort to address the growing rate of teen pregnancy and to promote gender equality, youth leadership and self confidence instead through the development of GLOW/BROS clubs in the two schools.



Funded: $100 plus second contribution of $900 established RPCVNJ as a Charter member of the Museum.

The Committee for the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience was founded by returned Peace Corps volunteers in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. As a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit organization, the Committee has an established record of artifact acquisition, professional exhibitions and modest fundraising and are currently working towards raising initial funding for the establishment of a brick and mortar museum and are in the process of creating a virtual museum page to get people involved.   


THE GAMBIA: PCPP project “Explore Your Country-Girls”

NJ PCV: Keeley Ffrench
Funded: $500

Explore Your Country for Girls 2018 will bring up to ten female students from rural and semi urban areas of the country into the capital city for a five-day educational training. With the support of teacher counterparts and PCV, the participants will be selected by their respective schools administration and they (student participant, teacher CP and PCV) will travel together into the capital city.
The objectives of the training include but are not limited to: (i) expose participants to educational and professional opportunities located within the capital city, (ii) equip them with the skills to pursue higher education and careers, and (iii) educate them about gender roles and barriers to education.  


GEORGIA: Girls Ecological Camp  

NJ PCV: Dana Wise

Funded: $500

The goal of this project is to provide access to outdoor education to girls ages 14-19 from the Adjara region at an overnight environmental camp at a National Park in Georgia. By the end of the camp, 16 teenage girls will learn new skills related to first aid, photography, fishing, boat safety, leadership and team work. Learning these new skills will increase the capacity and confidence of these young women.


ZAMBIA: Reusable Menstruation Pad Making Workshops

NJ PCV: Sara Pauwels

Funding: $500

The Northwest Reusable Menstruation Pad Making Workshops will be based in individual volunteer’s communities, where they will use the materials provided to teach women and girls in their communities how to create reusable menstruation pads. The attendees (women and girls) will also learn about better hygiene, health skills and leadership skills.


SWAZILAND: Youth Leadership Summit for Boys Reaching Out (BRO) Project

NJ PCV: Sara Butter (Community Health Volunteer) of Short Hills, New Jersey.

Funding: $700

The Youth Leadership Summit is a four night youth summit with the mission of developing young male leaders in Swaziland by providing them with the tools to develop leadership skills in areas such as facilitation, effective communication, and role modeling, and confidence to conduct respectful relationships. 


SENEGAL: The Michele Sylvester Scholarship

NJ PCV A. Porkus

Funding: $560.93 (Balance needed at time of RPCVNJ contribution)


ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia Primary School Latrine Construction

NJ PCV M. Elton

Funding: $623.82


SOMOA: Let Girls Learn “GLOW”

NJ PCV A. Johnson

Funding: $500


ECUADOR: Mushuk Yayay School Program (Children’s Healthy Future)

NJ RPCV Alan Adams

Funding: $400


AFGHANISTAN: Friends of Afghanistan/Growing Peace in Afghanistan (GPIA)

NJ RPCV John Bing

Funding: $500.00

The Bamyan Weaving Project of the Friends of Afghanistan/Growing Peace in Afghanistan (GPIA) is intended to help the weavers of central Afghanistan by supporting the purchase of wool and its transformation into barak, a fabric that has been made for millennia in Afghanistan and Iran but is expensive because the method of weaving, using ground looms, takes much time and labor. One of the GPIA members, an RPCV from Afghanistan, is himself an experienced weaver and entrepreneur and he has sent a more advanced loom to Bamyan; the project intends to use this ground loom to train local weavers in the more efficient production of barak and to purchase wool from local sheep farmers to provide to the weavers for production of barak, which would then be sold locally. Once production ramps up, GPIA expect to begin marketing the product in the west.


PUERTO RICO: Cooperativa José Cortes Cordero, an employee cooperative of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce

(former NJ resident) RPCV Lamberto Vera-Velez (Paraguay 1969-71) via NJ RPCV Barbara Lee

Funded: $985.55

The University employee cooperative is collecting money through its members, faculty and administrative personnel to distribute and help families in the nearby community. All money will go directly to the 20 employees of the University and their families who lost virtually everything as a result of Hurricane Maria.

The request for donations comes by way of Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Mr. Lamberto Vera-Velez (Paraguay, 1969 – 71) who overlapped with our own RPCV-NJ members Barbara and Art Lee. Lamberto is a retired professor of the Graduate School of Education at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce and his wife Angie is a member of the Finance Committee of the Cooperative. After his service in Paraguay, Lamberto helped run Peace Corps Training in Puerto Rico. He is also a former resident of New Jersey having studied at both Montclair State University where he obtained his Masters in Education and Rutgers University where he obtained his doctorate in Urban Education.



RedvCross Donations

Funding: $500 ($250 for each hurricane)


TANZANIA: Let Girls Lean | Shinyanga HIV Education Conference

NJ PCV N. Hasan


MADAGASCAR: Let Girls Learn/ National GLOW Camp- Empower Malagasy Girls to Catalyze Change!

OH PCV B. James


PANAMA: Eco-Stoves for Rural Panamanian Community inside Forest Reserve

NJ PCV: Jack Curry


PERU: Let Girls Learn | Soup Kitchen for Low Income Female Students

NJ PCV P. Jimenez


MADAGASCAR: Give Access to Reading in Rural Madagascar  

NJ PCV Olivia Prentzel



NJ PCV R. Wright


CAMBODIA: Tree Nursery reforestation project

NJ PCV  A. Wasserman


MADAGASCAR: Tree Nursery reforestation project

NJ PCV A. Maurie



NJ PCV Rene Fern


TOGO: Latrine Project

NJ PCV Anna Williams



NJ RPCV David Schweidenback

Funded: $500


SENEGAL: Local Girls Camp

NJ PCV Ellington Arnold


CAMBODIA: Arts Festival

PCV V. Lavigne


ARMENIA: Border2Border Hike

PCV Rosie Jeffrey



Via NJ RPCV RJ Harper

Funded: $500


BENIN: Secondary School Computer Lab

PCV M. Huelsenbeck


UKRAINE: English Language Camps Resource Center

NJ PCV C. Smith


CAMEROOON: Modern Farming Training

NJ PCV A. Gunkelman


PC 50th ANNIVERSARY: “Images from the Peace Corps Experience” A photographic collection  

The collection was displayed at several venues throughout 2010 and 2012, including Rutgers, NJIT, the Monroe Township Library, Georgian Court University, the Howell Living History Farm, and the Plainsboro Public Library.

NJ RPCV Nancie Gunkelman,, curator.  


KRYGYZ REPUBLIC: Community Computer/English Resource Center

NJ PCV S. Smith


BURKINA FASO: Theater equipment for health education

PCV A. Buchsbaum


P4P (PEDALS FOR PROGRESS): Bicycles and sewing machines for developing countries

NJ RPCV D. Schwidenback  

Funding: $500


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Community Ambulance Project

PCV M. Emiliani


BOTSWANA: Computer Center Renovation



HAITI: Oxfam America- Earthquake Relief

Funding: $500


ARMENIA: English Lab Modernization


TANZANIA: School Kitchen Update

NJ PCV K. Capella


THE GAMBIA: School Library


SUDAN: CHF International- stoves for refugees

Funding: $150 for 5 stoves  


P4P (PEDALS FOR PROGRESS): Bicycles and sewing machines for developing countries

NJ RPCV D. Schweidenback 


MOLDOVA: Youth Resource Center

NJ PCV S. Hakim


EL SALVADOR: 12 Family Coops/ Training

NJ PCV A. Perrone


SURINAME: Build teacher’s house in Baku

NJ PCV D. Lipton


MADAGASCAR: Market Shelter in Tsarabaria

PCV T. Ventzke


MALI: Construction of 3 wells in Yarome

NJ PCV M. Hamilton


UKRAINE: School insulation in Rivne

PCV M. Navabian