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RPCV-NJ’s activities focus on the following programs and each has a corresponding committee charged with fulfilling the program’s goals.  

For information on events that RPCV-NJ has already conducted/taken part in, find that information on the RPCV-NJ’s Facebook Page and Instagram Account (@rpcvnj 



Encourages legislative action supporting the goals of the US Peace Corps and it’s volunteers. 

Works in collaboration with the National Peace Corps Association’s (NPCA) advocacy department, informing the RPCV-NJ community about Peace Corps related issues and causes, policy updates, actions and events, primarily through the dissemination of information on social media and at RPCV-NJ gatherings. Coordinates advocacy training workshops, fundraising, and other efforts to support and sustain NPCA’s advocacy department.

The Advocacy Coordinator: A. Maintains communication with NPCA’s advocacy department, primarily by receiving email updates and participating in conference or web based phone calls. B. Coordinates and mobilizes NJ RPCVs for participation in the annual National Day(s) of Action in March and C. Keeps NPCA’s advocacy department apprised of RPCV-NJ’s or Peace Corps community’s issues and initiatives.

Information about NPCA advocacy is at



Maintains a record of the organization’s founding documents and other permanent records.

Participates in the nationwide Oral History Archival Project generating recorded interviews of RPCVs which are archived at the John F Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.  Two NJ RPCVs serve on the Projects Leadership Team. 



Develops, coordinates and implements overall fundraising strategies for the organization. Develops and maintains adequate and appropriate cultivation of prospective donors (both previous donors and non-donors) and is responsible for the stewardship of current and previous donors. 



Maintains the RPCV-NJ membership/constituent database. Explores opportunities to acquire updated bio/demographic information related to all constituents from outside sources. Supports the RPCV-NJ Board and committees by coordinating communication with the appropriate subset of the organization’s constituency. 



Produces periodic eNewsletters to distribute electronically to those we have email addresses for. Sign upfor our distribution list for information on upcoming activities and calls to action plus our quarterly newsletters that reports on the activities already undertaken by the organization.



In collaboration with the Peace Corps World Wise Schools program, requests for speakers at schools (any level), civic organizations etc. are encouraged by our Outreach Committee, allowing returned volunteers in NJ to offer their time and experience to give educational presentations about their intercultural experience. Active participation in other outreach events such as Send Offs/Welcome Back events for Peace Corps volunteers, inclusion in our social events etc. are coordinated by this committee. 

Arranges for the sale of the educational RPCV International Calendars by RPCV-NJ, a local seller for the RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison, which produces these calendars. Profits from these calendars help fund the projects that RPCV-NJ supports. 



Projects being undertaken by active Peace Corps volunteers from New Jersey are supported financially with grants from RPCV-NJ. Other projects, whether in the U.S. or abroad, consistent with RPCV-NJ goals are supported also.

PEACE CORPS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM: Most of RPCV-NJ’s support is provided to projects that are led by current PCVs and are administered through the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) 

OTHER PROJECTS: RPCV-NJ Criteria & Requirements for Support of Non-Profit Organizations

  1. Organization is a non-profit preferably based/organized in the state of New Jersey.
  2. Religious –based organizations will not be considered for support.
  3. The organization’s purpose and/or the purpose of the designated project falls under one of these categories:
  • International development
  • Education regarding international development concerns and/or cultural exchange
  • Assistance to immigrants in New Jersey, particularly from underdeveloped countries

SCHOLARSHIPS FOR NJ RPCVs: When 7,000+ Peace Corps Volunteers and Trainees were evacuated from their countries of service in March 2020 due to Covid-19, it marked the first time since March 1, 1961 that there are no PCVs in the field.

While the evacuation is now preventing RPCV-NJ from providing project support to PCVs in the field, it does not stop us from providing support to our New Jersey RPCVs who are furthering their education.

In 2020, the RPCV-NJ Board of Directors initiated a program to offer scholarships. Five scholarships were awarded in 2020 and the board is interested in continuing this scholarship program in future years.



Assists the board members of RPCV-NJ in their responsibility to foster a positive image of the organization in the state of New Jersey by planning for and marketing public relations and publicity activities in acceptable print, social and potentially broadcast media.

Promotes/coordinates the sale of Peace Corps and RPCV-NJ logo items that help increase awareness of the Peace Corps.

RPCV-NJ is considering a contest for designing a T-shirts for the organization to be used to promote awareness of the Peace Corps and RPCV-NJ as well as raising some money to help support the organization.  Check back for details.




Organizes and promotes volunteer opportunities for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and other interested individuals that reside in or near the State of New Jersey. Researches relevant organizations and non-profits throughout New Jersey that RPCV-NJ members can support through volunteer activities. 

Participation in the NJ Special Olympics, in the Jersey Cares project(s), helping to plant and harvest potatoes for the needy, and physical maintenance at state parks are examples of our service activities.



Organizes events for RPCVs, family members and friends as well as prospective Peace Corps volunteers to gather and socialize. International dining, picnics, outdoor concerts, holiday gatherings are among the activities arranged. Includes regional volunteers who will coordinate local social activities. 




Coordinates information provided by Board Members & Committee Chairs to be posted on RPCV-NJ’s social media.  

RPCV-NJ hosts social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. These accounts are used to engage with RPCVs,  PCVs, future PCVs, and other stakeholders in our community through sharing RPCVNJ, NPCA & PC news, updates, events, and other appropriate content that supports the mission of RPCV-NJ.




The RPCV-NJ webmaster manages the RPCV-NJ website.